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Join the Terri Schindler Life Ribbon Campaign
Join the Terri Schindler Life Ribbon Campaign

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www.terrisfight.orgTerri's Website
http://globalrumblings.blogspot.com/ Has joined BlogsForTerri -
The goal was to reach 100 Blogs for Terri ~ It's over  400  now!

The LIFE CD Project to Save Terri Schiavo Hear Terri's Song



Greer's rulings vs. the laws of Florida.

Video - SEE for yourself and hear Terri Laughing Appropiately with her dad at being reminded of her teasing her mom with her 'lazy eye'! She's obviously aware and understands.
We must not let her be painfully starved, dehydrated and abused to death.

by JB Williams : Okay…I have to write about Terri Schiavo…Twice!

by JB Williams
On February 24th, a few days before a Florida judge issued Terri Schiavo a stay of execution until the 18th of March, I wrote for the first time on a subject I admittedly knew little about in a piece titled Okay… I’ll talk About Terri Schiavo… Once! <

To deny Terri’s parents the chance to care for her on the basis that her husband no longer has a use for her should not be a debate, it should be a crime…

This matter is just that simple… I stand for Terri, who still has great value in this world, who only requires love and care and basic nourishment to sustain life…all the same things you and I require… I fear what our society has become if we allow her to be starved to death… Who will be next?

At the end of the day, it seems to me that every life is precious to someone and it should be. We must respect every life, no matter how imperfect, or we will risk respecting none… Some things can be subjective… The value of life is not one of them!

Can you count the Conflict of Interests?http://hometown.aol.com/wbflegal/page15.html

(* Michael Schiavo's Live-in Girlfriend is Jodi Centonze www.jodicentonze.com *)


2,100 MILES march for Terri! From December 12, 2003 to May 13, 2004! If that isn't a statement, what is?

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The true story about Terri - from the loving sources.

http://www.katesjourney.com True story of Kate's remarkable recovery
She supports Terri's cause!
Dee Rohe Past Articles in Rense
Disabled are now fearful - Who's next?

International Task Force against Euthanasia

www.prayforterri.net Please add your Prayers too
For the first time in his twelve-year term, Judge Greer was challenged

Over 59,000 votes were cast for Jan Govan. We can move mountains, little by little.
The next battle, a little bit more will be accomplished. Keep on keeping on!
Let us hold an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for all who are working to save precious lives. -  Especially Terri's.
Thanks, to all of you - you are the greatest! Dee

Global Rumblings - What in the World is Going on?

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